The collaboration of the Local Action Groups Cuenca, Soria and Teruel with SSPA network (through the Challenge Project SSPA 2021) will reveal the possibilities of a favorable taxation.

Today, representatives of FOES, CEOE-CEPYME Cuenca and CEOE Teruel met in Soria with representatives of the Local Action Groups from the provinces of Soria, Cuenca and Teruel, together with professors from the University of Valladolid, as well as expert professionals in taxation and in rural areas.

The objective of this meeting has been to start working on the preparation of a report on a differentiated taxation that favors the progress of the depopulated territories.

The SSPA network wants to emphasize that the process of depopulation of their territories can be reversed with effective measures, among which it considers fundamental to propose a differentiated tax treatment, both for the companies that operate in the territory and for the people who live there and serve to achieve a development model that facilitates the attraction of investment, workers and professionals to these territories, which by their characteristics have it more complicated.

Through this study they will try to determine what concrete differential tax measures are possible for these areas, also analyzing the tax treatment that has been applied in other countries in the same context.