Representatives of the SSPA Network have participated in the meeting of the Leader Groups of the provinces of Cuenca, Soria and Teruel in which the work programs for the next months have been established.

In this sense, they have been the Leader of these provinces as collaborators of the Network, those who have invited the business organizations of these territories and the coordinator of the SSPA to a meeting held in the town of Villar de Domingo García in which objectives have been set, as well as actions aimed at the common goal of fighting depopulation.

Thus, in this meeting it was determined that a series of reports were going to be made on fundamental aspects that would be paid from the Local Action Groups to work in the coming months and present them as solutions before the different administrations.

In this way, it was agreed to prepare four documents, some indicated by the SSPA Network itself, dedicated to aspects such as the current situation of the provinces, bad practices, ecological impact and taxation.

In the same way, a series of trips were established both to Brussels and to other depopulated territories of Europe in order to continue working in this sense.


The meeting was attended by the coordinator of the SSPA Network, Sara Bianchi, as well as the general secretary of CEOE CEPYME Cuenca, Ángel Mayordomo and the CEOE Teruel representative, José Guillén, invited by the Leader Groups of Cuenca, Soria and Teruel and by the Mayor of the town, Javier Parrilla, who welcomed all those present.

The intention of all the parties is that, once these reports prepared within a planning to achieve an integral territorial development, can be drawn conclusions and see the most effective formulas to reverse the depopulation process, adding these solutions to the measures taken in the Scottish Highlands & Islands that have also proved useful in this regard.


The network of Sparsely Populated Areas of Southern Europe (in English Southern Sparsely Populated Areas, SSPA), union of the Federation of Sorian Business Organizations (FOES), of the Confederation of Employers of Cuenca (CEOE-CEPYME Cuenca ) and of the Confederation of Employers of Teruel (CEOE Teruel).

The objective of this network is to form a working group to fight against depopulation and its consequences in Soria, Cuenca and Teruel, the three Spanish provinces that have the lowest population rates in Spain: less than 12.5 inhabitants per kilometer square. They are the only provinces that recognizes the official statistics of the European Union with the consideration of sparsely populated areas.

To this end, the Network of Sparsely Populated Areas of Southern Europe (SSPA) will work to achieve legislative and political measures aimed at reversing the process of depopulation, aging and demographic and economic fragility that threatens these territories.

The three business organizations set themselves the objective of achieving a different European policy in 2020 for these sparsely populated regions.