The Southern Sparsely Populated Areas network (SSPA) participates in the presentation this morning of PRESURA, the 1st National Fair for the Repopulation of Empty Spain, which will be held from November 10th to 12th in Soria.

In this fair, SSPA will show together with a hundred public and private entities of all levels, local action groups, organizations, entrepreneurs and companies all the potential of these uninhabited territories with the aim of attracting entrepreneurs to discover that the rural environment is also a world of opportunities to launch their ideas and businesses.

The presentation took place this morning in Madrid and was attended by the president of the Official Credit Institute, Pablo Zalba; the president of Cives Mundi, Antonio López Calvín; the commissioner of the Government for the demographic challenge Edelmira Barreira; the director of the Tomillo Foundation, Mercedes Valcárcel; the president of Foes, Cecale, vice president of Cepyme and member of the SSPA, Santiago Aparicio; and the vice president of Caja Rural de Soria, Anselmo García.