Four years ago, 193 countries committed ourselves to the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. The SSPA Network joins the #ODSéate digital campaign launched by the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs form an action plan that seeks equal opportunities between people, the protection of the planet and the generation of prosperity in a world in peace that works in partnership to overcome the challenges we face.

The SSPA Network was born with the fundamental objective of promoting specific policies and measures that contribute to addressing the main structural challenges that, in demographic, economic and social matters, affect the less populated rural regions of Europe. In this regard, through our meetings and documents, we propose measures aimed at fulfilling the SDGs. Specifically, among the different objectives, our work is oriented towards the following objectives and goals:

Goal 8. Decent work and economic growth. Therefore, we focus our proposals on promoting development-oriented policies that support productive activities, the creation of decent jobs, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encourage the formalization and growth of micro and small and medium enterprises. companies, including through access to financial services.

Goal 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure. Without a development of reliable, sustainable, resilient and quality infrastructure, economic development and human well-being cannot be supported. Our special emphasis is on affordable and equitable access for all.

Goal 10. Reduction of inequalities. Our actions are aimed at guaranteeing equal opportunities and reducing inequality of results. These measures include the elimination of discriminatory laws, policies and practices and the promotion of appropriate laws and policies in that regard. A specific proposal is the adoption of fiscal policies, to progressively achieve greater equality of conditions.

Goal 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions. Within our proposals we talk about the need to guarantee the adoption at all levels of inclusive, participatory and representative decisions that meet the needs.

Goal 17. Partnerships to achieve the objectives. From the Network, we promote our measures in collaboration with all public administrations and the main socio-economic actors in the territory. In addition to proposing approaches oriented not only to sparsely populated territories, but to the whole of the depopulated rural, remote and mountain territories throughout Europe.