Southern Sparsely Populated Areas network (SSPA) presented its proposals against depopulation to the parliamentary groups of Ciudadanos and Unidos Podemos. The meeting took place in Madrid the day of Tuesday, March 13.

The first meeting took place with the General Secretary of Ciudadanos, José Manuel Villegas, accompanied by the deputies in the Congress, Rodrigo Gómez, Miguel Garaulet and the regional deputy for this party, Ramiro Domínguez. Afterwards, the regional deputy of Unidos Podemos, Jorge Luis Bail, also met the members of the SSPA.

On behalf of the network attended by the CEOE-CEPYME of Cuenca, the president, David Peña, the vice president, José Ignacio Villar and the secretary general, Ángel Mayordomo; by Teruel the CEOE CEO Teruel, Carlos Torre, the CEAT Teruel president, Juan Carlos Escuder; and by the Federation of Sorian Business Organizations (FOES) the General Director, Mª Ángeles Fernández, and the Vice President, Víctor Mateo.

The network gave several documents to both groups, including the report on the Scottish experience with which they reversed the depopulation process or the European Parliament resolution on the deployment of the cohesion policy instruments by the regions to face the demographic change. In addition, they were also given the proposals of the SSPA for Spain, where the proposals that have been transferred to the Government Commissioner for the Demographic Challenge, Edelmira Barreira.

Both formations have welcomed the approach of the SSPA network, especially in the need to make the rural environment “attractive”, giving it the necessary tools for its integral development. In the words of the CEOE Teruel president “these meetings are part of the Network’s policy of making all our political groups aware of our proposals in the face of depopulation, as it is a cross-cutting issue of interest for all parties”.