Southern Sparsely Populated Areas has traveled to Croatia to meet with one of its partners, the representatives of the county of Lika-Senj, with the aim of knowing the particularities that this territory presents as well as being able to sensitize the Croatian government to the needs that the sparsely populated regions of the south of Europe present.

The members of the SSPA have visited several companies in the province and have known first hand the problems they present. They have also been able to see the similarities and differences that exist between the Croatian county and the depopulated territories of Cuenca, Soria and Teruel.

In the words of Sara Bianchi, coordinator of the SSPA network, “the most outstanding difference we have found is that in Spain we have the support of credit cooperative entities while in Croatia they have problems attracting investments”. The meeting between Spanish and Croatian representatives has served to address the problems of their respective territories, good practices carried out in Scotland with its territorial development model and the position of the network against the new post-2020 period in Europe.

From now on, both partners will continue to work individually at the national level in their respective strategies. “In Europe, we are at the expense of closing meetings with various authorities over the next few months,” Bianchi said.